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Handlink WG-500P Hotspot Printer

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Handlink WG-500P Hotspot Printer Tech Genie Online
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With BYOD trend today, people need Wi-Fi access for their works, searches and their social life. Therefore, the WG-500P offers a robust and secure hotspot solution for the mini size venues to provide Internet service such as café/ pharmacy/ small store or shop.
The WG-500P support time-base and volume-base billing selection, so venues can set up their own billing methods by either letting the customers pay for the volume of downloads or usage time without worrying about insufficient bandwidth because WG-500P has already done a good job on allocating it!
The WG-500P becomes various small venues’ favorite due to its productive Wi-Fi solution in different conditions. Combining a gateway and a printer into one device, WG-500P can be applied not only in fixed venues , but also in mobile conditions such as buses and yachts.
We also design a login page for venues to key-in guests/ visitors identity to fit the laws in some conutries. According to the law, it requires venue owners to provide the guest’s Internet usage records for tracking. Thus the WG-500P provides a Real-time session information and the remote site administrator could monitor the real time usage status via Session information page.
The WG-500P is one of unique innovation from Handlink, it’s more than a simple Wi-Fi hotspot device; it’s also equipped with IP Plug and Play technology so there’s no need for end-users to change any settings in the their devices. It’s fast, easy and trouble free to access Internet.
Furthermore, WG-500P also support QR code printout for mobile phone users who are disturbed by typing the accounts and passwords on the touch screens repeatedly. Convenience has become the first priority for people today. Hence, WG-500P has become one of the best Wi-Fi solutions for all venues.
  • All-In-One Instant Hotspot Gateway with built-in Thermal Printer/ AP Printer/ Wireless Printer
  • Compatible with IEE802.11n/b/g , Wireless 2T2R 2.4GHz with 300Mbps high speed network
  • Support up to 50 simultaneous devices and up to 256 local accounts
  • Support QR Code print out
  Make more convenient for portable devices to login
  • Support WPA/WPA2 Encryption
  • AAA Control and Billing Support
  Support network access control service including Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) for internet subscribers and 10 billing profiles
  • Support Rich Functions
  Transparent HTTP proxy, Layer 2 Isolation, Administration access Control , SSL login page and various WAN connections
  • VPN PASS Through
  Run your VPN or Secure tunnelling client software to connect to your company’s VPN server
  • Support WDS function with repeater mode*
  • Allow multiple devices to login one subscriber account*
  • Micro-USB to Ethernet Connector design to support multiple LAN Device usage
  • Multiple languages support
  For ticket printout format and login-page only, language support available in English/ German/ French/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Italian languages
  • IP Plug and Play Internet Access
  Zero configuration Internet access!
Connect your office PC, laptop and handheld devices to the network without human intervention. It will automatically configure itself for the network
* Features will
WG-500P是一台多功能的无线热感打印机。当访客需要无线上网,店家只要轻触按钮,热感打印机便可立即印出网络账号、密码、费用与时间。WG-500P体积小、不占空间, 不必繁复地敲打键盘,非常适合小型营业场所,如咖啡厅、机场候机室、小型商店,提供无线网络服务给来往客人。

为了减少输入账号密码的麻烦,WG-500P提供QR Code二维码扫描功能,访客只要用手机等设备中的扫描软件,对准QR码图像,便自动转换成一串账号密码。WG-500P同时提供计时计费服务,店家可以事先设置方案,并依访客上网的时数需求,给予不同的资费与折扣。访客可以自由选择上网时数;而店家收取的费用也非一成不变。


WG-500P兼具独立认证网关,用于监视、管控访客接取网络。它提供了完整的AAA功能(认证、授权、计费),以及网页式管理设置工具,如围墙花园(walled garden)、内部入口网页与外部入口网页复定向。




  • 多合一网关无线热感打印机
  • 兼容IEE802.11n/b/g, 300Mbp高速网络的无线2T2R 2.4GHz
  • 支持50个终端设备同时在线以及256个账号
  • 支持QR码打印输出
  • 支持WPA/WPA2加密
  • 支持AAA 安全认证管理及计费
  支持网络接入控制服务,提供认证Authentication, 授权Authorization 和账号Accounting (AAA) 用户管理功能,以及10种记帐方式。
  • 支持多功能
  • VPN PASS Through
  • 中继器模式支持WDS功能*
  • 支持多语系
  • 支持多个设备登入用户账号*
  • USB转接以太网络可支持局域网设备讯号延伸
  • IP Plug and Play 网络接入方式
  零设置的网络接入方式! 连接你的电脑、IPTV、笔记本、手机等终端设备至网络。它可自动设定网络。

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